Briefly in English

The International Union of Radio Science (Union Radio Scientifique Internationale, URSI) was founded in 1919 to stimulate and coordinate international research, applications and communication in the field of radio science. URSI has presently 40 Member Committees and 4 Associate Member Committees around the world. The scientific activities of URSI are conducted in 10 Scientific Commissions (A–K), who organize their own conferences and other scientific activities.

The Finnish National Committee (Member Committee) consists of 15 institutional members [in Finnish jäsenyhteisö], mainly representing universities, research institutes and scientific organizations. Each institutional member appoints 1 to 3 representatives [edustajajäsen] to the National Committee. The National Committee also appoints one Official Member [virallinen jäsen] to each of the URSI Scientific Commissisons. See the Finnish page Yhteystiedot for names and contact details.

The main national event of the Finnish National Committee is the National Convention on Radio Science.

At the times of the foundation, developments in the field of electrical sciences took place mostly at radio frequencies. Today areas of URSI cover the whole electromagnetic spectrum, although the name URSI remains the same. The most important event of URSI is the General Assembly which is organized every third year.