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Ohjelmassa oli 8 kutsuttua plenaariesitemää (25+5 min)ja 46 suullista esitelmää (15+5 min). Kahvitauot, lounaat ja buffet-illallinen sisältyivät osallistumismaksuun.

Keskiviikko 24.4.

8:00 Ilmoittautuminen  
  Avaus ja plenaari 1, Ari Sihvola  
9:00 Avauspuheenvuorot  
9:20 Esko Valtaoja (Turun yliopisto): Radio astronomy, Planck, and the evolution of the universe?  
9:50 Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia Research Center): What is there beyond 4G?  
10:20 Kahvitauko  
  Istunto A1, Constantin Simovski Istunto B1, Erkki Salonen
10:40 M. Kaltiokallio et al.: Towards a general-purpose radio interface: CCE antennas and blocker-tolerant RFICs A. Wallin et al.: Progress towards a 88Sr+ ion clock at MIKES
11:00 A. Karttunen, J. Ala-Laurinaho, and A.V. Räisänen: Developments of integrated lens antenna for beam steering I.I. Nefedova et al.: Silver nanowires at millimeter wave frequencies
11:20 V. Semkin et al.: Antenna array for mm-wave communications bent on the cylindrical shape object M. Sonkki, V. Hovinen, and E. Salonen: Scattering properties of wideband dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna for MIMO OTA
11:40 M. Costa and V. Koivunen: Applications of manifold separation in polarimetric beamforming and source tracking J. Seppänen, J. Kainulainen, and M. Hallikainen: RFI detection and mitigation for L-band radiometer measurements of soil moisture
12:00 Lounas  
  Plenaari 2, Antti Räisänen  
13:00 Danielle Vanhoenacker-Janvier (Université catholique de Louvain): Impact of tropospheric turbulence on non-geostationary communication systems  
13:30 Ville Kangas (European Space Agency): Current and future microwave remote sensing instruments at ESA  
  Istunto A2, Sergei Tretyakov Istunto B2, Risto Wichman
14:10 Y. Ra’di, V.S. Asadchy, and S.A. Tretyakov: One-way sheet absorbers T. Rapinoja et al.: Digital-intensive wideband RF frequency synthesizers
14:30 T. Rimpiläinen et al.: The concept of systropy in electromagnetics T. Riihonen: Recent advances in full-duplex relaying
14:50 P. Alitalo et al.: Measurements of effective material parameters of periodic and random composite materials U. Ugurlu, T. Riihonen, and R. Wichman: Optimized full-duplex MIMO relay in SISO link
15:10 I.S. Nefedov, C.A. Valagiannopoulos, and E. Nefedov: Achieving high absorbing efficiency for an electromagnetically asymmetric slab made of hyperbolic metamaterials J. Gronicz et al.: Electro-mechanical hybrid PLL
15:30 Kahvitauko  
  Istunto A3, Juha Mallat Istunto B3, Kari Halonen
16:00 K. Pölönen and V. Koivunen: Control symbol based fluctuating target detection in DVB-T2 passive radar systems T. Kiuru et al.: Thermal characterisation as a part of reliability testing of THz Schottky diodes
16:20 T. Niemi, A. Karilainen, and S. Tretyakov: Synthesis of polarization-transforming sheets S. Khanal et al.: Pulsed and transient measurement setups for THz Schottky diode characterization
16:40 J. Oksanen and V. Koivunen: Order optimal policy for identifying idle spectrum in cognitive radio networks J. Vehmas et al.: Small bi-anisotropic particles with zero scattering
17:00 O. Antropov, Y. Rauste, et al.: New inversion approach for robust stem-volume retrieval from L-band SAR measurements with semi-empirical boreal forest model A. Generalov et al.: Dielectric rod waveguide in THz antenna and power sensor applications
17:20 J. Praks et al.: On forest height retrieval from spaceborne X-band interferometric SAR images under variable seasonal conditions T. Zvolensky et al.: Periodic transmission lines with application to through-broadside scanning leaky-wave antennas
18:00 Illallinen Sahalla (Konemiehentie 1)

Torstai 25.4.

  Plenaari 3, Martti Hallikainen  
8:30 Yrjö Neuvo (Aalto-yliopisto): Internet and wireless go everywhere  
9:00 Heli Jantunen (Oulun yliopisto): Printed Antennas  
9:30 Kahvitauko  
  Istunto A4, Henrik Wallén Istunto B4, Jussi Ryynänen
10:00 A. Kestilä et al.: Aalto-1 remote sensing campaign J. Anteroinen et al.: Towards high-frequency graphene electronics
10:20 K. Ojasalo, D. Humphreys, and P. Harris: Preliminary report: compact covariance representation of waveform uncertainties A. Tamminen, J. Ala-Laurinaho, and A. Räisänen: Approximate holographic imaging at submillimeter-waves
10.40 J. Kataja: A least squares finite element formulation for generalized Maxwell’s boundary value problems in 2D D. Parveg et al.: Design of 28-nm CMOS mixers for a 130-GHz transceiver
11:00 J. Tammi and M. Oksman: Bottom-up modelling of active galactic nuclei: Using radio observations to understand gamma-ray flaring in relativistic jets from supermassive black holes D. Korpi et al.: Implementation challenges in full-duplex radio transceivers
11:20 M.F. Dahl: Recognizing isotropic electromagnetic medium from the behavior of phase velocity J. Salmi And V. Koivunen: Non-contact vital sign estimation using micro-Doppler radar
11:40 J. Jakkila: Towards use of satellite soil moisture data in watershed modelling and forecasting in Finland T.F. Gallacher et al.: A low-cost, rapid and highly reconfigurable aperture at (sub) millimeter-wave frequencies using an optically excited Fresnel zone plate plasma
12:00 Lounas ja palkintotoimikunnan kokous
  Plenaari 4, Visa Koivunen  
13:00 Björn Ottersten (University of Luxembourg ja KTH): Satellite communications – signal processing challenges  
13:30 Antti Manninen (MIKES): Towards the new SI system of units  
  Istunto A5, Aleksi Tamminen Istunto B5, Antti Manninen
14:00 L.E. García Muñoz, A. Rivera Lavado, et al.: Ultrawideband conical spiral antenna for VLBI2010 M. Honkala and P. Miettinen: Model-order reduction aided harmonic balance analysis
14:20 A. Viljanen et al.: Continental scale modelling of geomagnetically induced currents H. Wallén, H. Kettunen and A. Sihvola: Singular fields, enhanced losses, and invisibility with radially uniaxial spheres
14:40 M. Vaaja and M. Hallikainen: Remote sensing of frozen soil at UHF frequencies C.R. Simovski and D.K. Morits: Domino modes in the interband range and their use for enhancement of thin-film solar cells
15:00 I. Nefedov, S. Tretyakov, and S. Hashemi: Review of electrodynamics of carbon nanotube arrays A. Vahdati et al.: W-band 2-bit digitally controlled differential I-Q phase shifter in 28-nm CMOS
15:20 Kahvitauko  
15:40 Päätös ja nuoren tutkijan palkinnon jako