The Convention venue is located in the Campus area Linnanmaa, some 6 kilometres from the center of Oulu, in auditoriums IT115 and IT116 at the University (Building: "Information Processing Sciences").

How to get to Oulu?

How to get to the venue?

Bus nr. 19 takes you from the Airport directly to the University campus [Linnanmaa] (45 min).

Notice that at the Oulu Airport there are no ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines). The buses and taxis however accept major credit cards (and cash).


Taxi will take you from the Oulu Airport (20 min, ~40 Eur), from the train station (10 min, ~18 Eur) or from the bus station (10 min, ~18 Eur) to the University Campus. The best entrances at the university are:

  • Entrance "M", (entering from Rakentajantie)
  • Entrance "R", via Taxi stop 1 (entering from Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu)
  • Entrance "P", the main Entrance by Taxi stop 4 (entering from Pentti Kaiteran katu)

Taxi services in Oulu

  • Domestic landline: 10041
  • GSM/International: +358 (0)600 30081

Local buses (Koskilinjat):

Timetable: from the City Centre to the University (Linnanmaa)
Timetable: From the University to the City Centre

Local buses nr 4, 5, 6, 7 or 19 heading towards Linnanmaa will take you from the city centre to the university campus. A single ticket within the city area costs 3.00 Eur. The nearest bus stop at the University Campus is called "Yliopisto P". Entrances "E","T", "2T" and "R" lead you to the venue.
NOTICE that bus nr. 19 takes you from the Airport directly to the university campus (45 min).

When reached the university campus:

The signs with "URSI 2010 / ELECTROMAGNETICS 2010" lead you from the university entrances to the Convention venue.

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