P1.1:  E. Panula-Ontto Finnish Space Strategy and Development Trends of International Co-Operation Plenary Session 1
P1.2:  K. Leppänen Antennas for the Next Generation of Mobile Communications Plenary Session 1
A1.1:  H. Valmu, K. Rautiainen Calibration of Interferometric Radiometers Remote Sensing Instrumentation
A1.2:  J. Lahtinen, M. Hallikainen Review of Existing Polarimetric Radiometers Remote Sensing Instrumentation
A1.3:  P. Kangaslahti, J. Tanskanen, H. Salminen, P. Jukkala Indium Phosphide MMICS for Cryogenic Space-borne Radiometers Remote Sensing Instrumentation
A1.4:  E. Honkavaara, M. Bilker, J. Jaakkola, J. Ylönen, Y. Xiaowei Orientation of Airborne and Spaceborne Imaging Sensors Remote Sensing Instrumentation
A1.5:  J. Partanen, P. Eskelinen Possibilities for Power Distribution Network Fault Location with Radio Frequency Direction Finding Remote Sensing Instrumentation
A1.6:  P. Eskelinen Some Environmental Effects on Atomic Clock Stability Remote Sensing Instrumentation
B1.1:  A. Pietilä CDMA Network Planning Aspects Telecommunication
B1.2:  A. Boukalov The Impact of a Non-Uniform Spatial Traffic Distribution on the CDMA Cellular Network System Parameters Telecommunication
B1.3:  J. Sarker The Performance Analysis and Optimization of the GSM and GPRS Random Access Channels  Telecommunication
B1.4:  L. Sydänheimo, I. Kulovuori, M. Kivikoski Usability of Wireless Data Transfer in Dynamic Industrial Environment Telecommunication
B1.5:  P. Makkonen The Marsexpress Netlander to Orbiter Telecommunication System Analysis Telecommunication
B1.6:  S. Halme, L. Halme, H. Leivo, K. Ranta Study of Evolution of Access Netwuoks Telecommunication
A2.1:  Y. Rauste, G. De Grandi Techniques in Continent Wide Radar Mosaicking Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.2:  T. Manninen  Boreal Forest Parameter Estimation by CARABAS Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.3:  A. Vuorela, A. Saarikoski SarDEM - Digital Elevation Models from ERS SAR Images Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.4:  T. Häme, M. Holm, S. Rautakorpi, E. Parmes Forestry Applications of High Resolution Imagery Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.5:  T. Tokola  Some Critical Elements in the Landsat TM-Based Vegetation Inventory Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.6:  K. Mäkisara, J. Heikkinen, H. Henttonen, T. Tuomainen, E. Tomppo Averaging Features and Airborne Imaging Spectrometer Data in Forest Inventory Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
A2.7:  M. Karjalainen, R. Kuittinen Updating Land Parcel Maps Using Vector and Orthophoto Data Remote Sensing of Forest and Land Use Classification
B2.1:  J. Iinatti  Treshold Setting Rules for the Mean Acquisition Times of DS Spread Spectrum Receiver in Multipath Channel Signals and Systems
B2.2:  A. Pouttu, J. Juntti, T. Kumpumäki Comparison of Treshold Setting Rules in Adaptive Transform Domain Interference Supression in a Hybrid DS/FH-System Signals and Systems
B2.3:  S. Siltala  The Sensitivities of Some Suboptimal Turbo Decoders to SNR Estimation Using DPSK Modulation Signals and Systems
B2.4:  P. Pirinen  Comparison of the Fenton-Wilkinson and Schwartz-Yeh Approximations for Multiple Correlated Lognormal Signals Signals and Systems
B2.5:  K. Kansanen, M. Juntti, M. Latva-aho Performance of Parallel Interference Cancellation Receiver with Delay Errors Signals and Systems
B2.6:  K. Hooli  Model for the Effect of Signal Quantization on the Performance of DS-CDMA Receivers Signals and Systems
B2.7:  V. Möttönen, P. Piironen, J. Zhang, J. Louhi, A. Räisänen A Subharmonic Mixer at 220 GHz: Implementation and Measurements Signals and Systems
A3.1:  T. Hannonen Preliminary Experiences in Using the SeaWiFS Data in Coastal Monitoring Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
A3.2:  Z. Yuanzhi, S. Koponen, J. Pulliainen, M. Hallikainen Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) Data Analysis for Chlorophyll-A and Turbidity in Finland Gulf Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
A3.3:  J. Vepsäläinen, T. Pyhälahti Atmospheric Correction Method for Water Surface Measurements of AISA Imaging Spectrometer Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
A3.4:  J. Pulliainen, H. Servomaa, S. Koponen, S. Tauriainen, T. Hannonen Semi-Operative Water Quality Information Retrieval from AISA Imaging Spectometer Data Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
A3.5:  M. Mäkynen, M. Hallikainen EMAC'95 HUT Passive Microwave Radiometer Measurements of Baltic Sea Ice Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
A3.6:  M. Similä, I. Heiler Some Observations about the Discrimination Proprties of Polarimetric SAR Data over the Baltic Sea Ice Remote Sensing of Water and Ice
B3.1:  J. Riissanen EUMETSAT Remote Sensing Activities Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
B3.2:  K. Tigerstedt Atmospheric Effects on Spaceborne Radiometer Measurements in the 1-100 GHz Range Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
B3.3:  J. Luntama Radio Occultation Measurement in Atmospheric Applications Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
B3.4:  L. Oikarinen Remote Sensing of the Stratosphere: ENVISAT-1/GOMOS and ODIN/OSIRIS Projects Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
B3.5:  R. Ahonen  Measurement of Stratospheric Ozone with a Ground Based Millimeter Wave Radiometer Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
P2.1:  K. Isotalo  CEO Oils the Wheels of the Earth Observation Industry Plenary Session 2 
P2.2:  J. Paavilainen Commercial Use of Remote Sensing Plenary Session 2 
A4.1:  M. Peura  Object Recognition via Hierarchical Matching Pattern Recognition, Image processing, Neural Nets
A4.2:  T. Turkka, M. Törmä, M. Hallikainen Different Factors Affecting Information Content of SAR-Images in Land-Use Classification Pattern Recognition, Image processing, Neural Nets
A4.3:  M. Törmä, T. Turkka, M. Hallikainen Classification of SAR-Images Using Learning Vector Quantization Pattern Recognition, Image processing, Neural Nets
B4.1:  T. Katila Functional Imaging in Medicine: Applications of Bioelectromagnetism Bioelectromagnetics
B4.2:  J. Ruohonen, J. Karhu, M. Ollikainen Stereotactic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Concurrent EEG Bioelectromagnetics
B4.3:  T. Rauner, J. Ritola, R. Sepponen A Measuring Module for Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Bioelectromagnetics
B4.4:  A. Pursula, K. Pesola, J. Nenonen, T. Katila Comparison of Sensor Array Configurations for Magnetocardiographic Measurements Using Bayesian Parameter Estimation Bioelectromagnetics
B4.5:  H. Väänänen, J. Montonen, J. Nenonen, M. Paavola, T. Katila Non-invasive Bioelectromagnetic Identification of Patients Prone to Malignant Arrhythmias Bioelectromagnetics
A5.1:  J. Koskinen, S. Metsämäki, S. Jänne, J. Grandell, L. Matikainen, M. Hallikainen Combined Use of Radar and Optical Satellite Data in Snow Melt Monitoring Remote Sensing of Snow
A5.2:  J. Praks Target Covariance Matrix Eigenvalue Based Decomposition Application in Airborne SAR Based Snow Remote Sensing Remote Sensing of Snow
A5.3:  A. Arslan, M. Hallikainen Investigation of Snowpack Parameters by Combining C- and L-Band SAR Data for Dry Snow Remote Sensing of Snow
A5.4:  H. Alasalmi, J. Praks, A. Arslan, J. Koskinen, M. Hallikainen Investigation of Forest and Snow Properties by Using Airborne SAR Data Remote Sensing of Snow
A5.5:  I. Hänninen, J. Avelin, A. Sihvola Effective Properties of Geophysical Media with Complex Geometries: Polarizability of Dielectric Cubes Remote Sensing of Snow
B5.1:  H. Nevanlinna  Space Weather: Variations in the Solar-Terrestial Environment Space Weather
B5.2:  H. Koskinen  What is Space Weather and Why Should We be Worried About it ? Space Weather
B5.3:  T. Pulkkinen  The Sun-Earth Connection: How Does Solar Activity Affect the Near-Earth Space Space Weather
B5.4:  A. Aikio, V. Sergeev, M. Shuktina, L. Vagina, V. Angelopoulos, G. Reeves Characteristics of Magnetospheric Substorms and Pseudobreakups Space Weather
B5.5:  R. Pirjola, A. Viljanen, D. Boteler, O. Amm Geomagnetically Inducted Currents in Power Transmission Systems Space Weather
B5.6:  A. Pulkkinen, R. Pirjola, D. Boteler Application of DSTL Theory to Studies of Geomagnetic Effects on Pipelines Space Weather
A6.1:  E. Tomppo, K. Mäkisara Remote Sensing at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) Remote Sensing Institutes
A6.2:  P. Härmä, Y. Sucksdorff Remote Sensing at Finnish Environment Institute  Remote Sensing Institutes
A6.3:  J. Vainio The Use of Remote Sensing Data in the Finnish Ice Service Remote Sensing Institutes
A6.4:  T. Häme  Remote Sensing Research at VTT Automation Remote Sensing Institutes
A6.5:  M. Hallikainen Remote Sensing Research at HUT Laboratory of Space Technology Remote Sensing Institutes
A6.6:  R. Kuittinen Remote Sensing Activities at Geodetic Institute  Remote Sensing Institutes
B6.1:  J. Lähteenmäki Trends in Radiowave Propagation Modelling for Mobile Communications Systems Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.2:  J. Kivinen  Wideband Radio Channel Measurement and Modeling Techniques for Future Radio Systems Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.3:  H. EL-Sallabi, W. Zhang, K. Kalliola, P. Aikio, P. Vainikainen Radio Channel Modeling of Line-of-Sight Microcellular Environments of Adaptive Array Antennas at the Basestation Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.4:  W. Zhang, H. El-Sallabi, K. Kalliola, P. Aikio, P. Vainikainen Modeling of Wide-Band Propagation in Out-of-Sight Regions of Urban Micro-Cellular Environments Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.5:  J. Ylitalo  Effect of Mobile Radio Channel to the Performance of a Base Station Receiver Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.6:  C. Icheln, J. Ollikainen, P. Vainikainen Effect of RF Absorbers to Small Antenna Measurements in a Small Anechoic Chamber Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
B6.7:  J. Hubach  A Wide Band Hybrid Dual-Delta Antenna With Optimized Noise Rejection Characteristics for Digital Audio Broadcast Reception Radio Channel / Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 
IAS.1:  Y. Yongzhao, J. Ollikainen, P. Vainikainen Simple but Effective Efficiency Measurement Method for Small Antennas Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.2:  H. Hyyppä, J. Hyyppä, M. Inkinen Satellite-Borne and Airborne Remote Sensing Imagery in Small-Area Forest Inventory Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.3:  J. Hyyppä, H. Hyyppä, M. Inkinen A New Method for Standwise Forest Inventory: Assessing Forest Stand Attributes by Combined Use of Change Detection Methods, Remote Sensing Data, Growth Models and Old Field Inventory Data Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.4:  M. Inkinen  Evaluating the Effect of Regression Calibration on Digitized Aerial Photography for Forest Stratification Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.5:  S. Koponen  Educational Programs of International Space University Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.6:  T. Vänskä  Analysis of Data from a Frozen / Thawed Soil Transition Radar Backscatter Experiment Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.7:  H. Eskelinen, P. Eskelinen Observations on the Manufacturability of Mechanical Subassemblies for Remote Sensing Transducers Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.8:  S. Tauriainen, J. Pihlflyct Platform Motion Sensor System of the HUT Remote Sensing Aircraft Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.9:  R. Pajuniemi, M. Roshier, M. Hallikainen A Multisensor Remote Sensing Aircraft of the Helsinki University of Technology Interactive Session (poster)
IAS.10:  J. Raitala, M. Ahvenniemi, K. Ojala Use of Multitemporal TM Data in Classification of Vuotos Bog Types in Finnish Lapland Interactive Session (poster)